Throwback Thursday – Beachwear Refashion

Before and after refashion pic

Before and After
Throwback Thursday Refashion

4-H Fashion Show 1991

Who’s that girl?

Can you say Throwback Thursday?

Yep, that’s  me at 12 years old, at my first 4-H fashion show…yep, fashion show.

I came upon this picture the other day while going through an old box of keepsakes.

Here’s an old pattern that looks like the one I might’ve used… Continue reading

Mango Meyer Lemonade Recipe


Before I share a great recipe for mango lemonade, I want to let you know about Door to Door Organics. Ever heard of them?

They are a company that partners with farmers to deliver fresh organic produce (and other great organic food!) right to your door.

And since eating healthy, and knowing where our food comes from, is very important to my family…we love Door to Door Organics!

In a recent delivery I happened to get a mango and a bag of meyer lemons (Not sure what a meyer lemon is? It’s a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange, making it sweeter than a regular lemon), and I used them to make mango lemonade.

Here’s what I did:

First, I pureed the mango in my trusty little food processor, along with the zest and juice of the meyer lemons.

skitch_iphoto.export.skitch 6

Second,  I made a simple syrup with about 4 cups of water and 3 cups of organic cane sugar. Continue reading

Easter Dress Refashion

I know I haven’t posted in a while.

I had a busy weekend celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary with the hubs!  My parents took the kiddies for a few days and the fella and I celebrated with STEAK!  Yummy!  We also watched a couple of movies and went out to eat at my favorite burger joint.  Hey, we don’t get out much, so we figured we’d take advantage of the free child-care. Ha!

I thought I would give him kind of a sentimental sort of gift. So I found some shells that I collected along the beach on our honeymoon…

I don't know why I kept them in an Old ElPaso container. I don't even eat that brand.

I don’t know why I kept them in an Old ElPaso container. I don’t even eat that brand.

Then I found an empty picture frame and got busy gluing the shells on… Continue reading

How to Make an Infinity Scarf in Less Than 30 Minutes

Hey everybody! Good day from Michigan, where we finally have some snow : )

I have loved making infinity scarves ever since I learned how to make them from the Cottage Home.

They’re quick and easy to make…my favorite kind of project…and they look great : )

Here’s how to make one in seven easy steps.

STEP ONE: Pick your fabric. Below is a picture of four fabrics I purchased specifically for scarves, ultimately deciding to go with the vintage-y rose material for today’s scarf, (it matched my outfit).

ooh pretty!

ooh pretty!

STEP TWO: Measure the fabric. Now the blog that I learned how to make these from says to cut 2 rectangles 12″ x 60″. Continue reading

Stain Removal Magic – My Secret Recipe

Stain removal…ugh.

With all the tips and tricks and brands and bottles, the question remains:

What is the easiest way to remove a stain?

Here we go…

Stain Removal Magic | Diary of a MadMama

Oh my gosh! A coffee stain!

Apparently the hubs had a little calamity while trying to sip his cup o’ joe and play Words With Friends at the same time!

Good thing I know the secret to stain removal, using the world’s best homemade carpet cleaner. Continue reading

No Sew Refashion – Nifty Knee Patches

Hey hey ya’all, I’m back!  Did ya’ miss me?  😉

I was doing some laundry today and noticed these…



Here’s a closer view:


A hole! EEK!


And another hole!

Well what to do? I don’t want to throw out two otherwise perfectly good pair of jeans!

And then it hit me…can you say Pinterest? I remembered seeing a pin for cute monster patches made from felt. I figured, “hey I can do that!”

So I got busy and grabbed my stash of felt… Continue reading

Waffles…er uh, Pancakes Anyone?

Ok, so I got this really cool waffle iron from my mom and pops for Christmas.

Waffle Iron | Diary of a Madmama

My new waffle iron!
Thanks Mom & Dad!

I was so excited to try it out. So I decided to make the basic belgian waffle recipe that came with the instruction card. These are the ingredients that it called for (plus the vanilla that it didn’t…hey it’s a trait of mine, I’ve got to make each recipe my own). 😉 Continue reading