Waffles…er uh, Pancakes Anyone?

Ok, so I got this really cool waffle iron from my mom and pops for Christmas.

Waffle Iron | Diary of a Madmama

My new waffle iron!
Thanks Mom & Dad!

I was so excited to try it out. So I decided to make the basic belgian waffle recipe that came with the instruction card. These are the ingredients that it called for (plus the vanilla that it didn’t…hey it’s a trait of mine, I’ve got to make each recipe my own). πŸ˜‰

Waffle Ingredients | Diary of a Madmama

Waffle Ingredients

So after getting all of my ingredients together, I measured out the dry ingredients and had my little helper sift them using a wire whisk.

Buddy Number One | Diary of a Madmama

My little buddy sifting the dry ingredients.

Next my buddy cracked the eggs for me…

Cracking Eggs | Diary of a Madmama

What a pro! We didn’t even have to pick out any eggshells!

Now the recipe called for buttermilk, which I didn’t happen to have, so I improvised (NOTE: If you ever need buttermilk for a recipe and you don’t have it, you can make a substitute using either white vinegar or lemon juice). I happened to have lemon juice on hand, so that is what I used. My grandma calls this little concoction “sour milk”, (sounds gross right?). To make sour milk you just add 1 tablespoon of either lemon juice or vinegar to every cup of buttermilk your recipe calls for. My little helper demonstrates in the following pic’…
Homemade Buttermilk | Diary of a Madmama
Next we added all of the remaining wet ingredients to the dry mix…

Eggs Added | Diary of a Madmama

Eggs added

Buttermilk Added | Diary of a Madmama

buttermilk substitute added

Stirring Waffle Mix | Diary of a Madmama

Stir stir stir!

Hey look a new helper!

Melting Butter | Diary of a Madmama

getting ready to melt the butter…

Melting the butter…

Melted butter added

hmm what is that curious substance I’m adding?
Why it’s homemade vanilla!

Ok, so here is where I diverted from the recipe and did my own thing. I like vanilla, and the recipe didn’t call for any, so I added it! Problem solved. I know my vanilla doesn’t look like it’s store bought, and that’s because it isn’t! I made it. Want to know how? Easy! You just buy a couple of vanilla beans (You can find them at your local grocery or health food store), cut a slit down the length of the vanilla beans with a sharp knife (be careful! Don’t cut all the way through the bean), scrape the seeds a bit, throw it all in a ball jar, and fill ‘er up with some good quality vodka. Then screw the lid tightly on the jar, give it a good shake and let it sit for a few weeks or so. When it becomes a good dark color it’s perfect. I made mine over a year ago. I use it all the time, and I still have a ton left. I’ve never had to add any alcohol to it! When you start running low, just add some more alcohol to it, and maybe more vanilla beans if you feel it needs it. Easy peasy, and so much cheaper than store bought. Have you seen the size and price of those tiny bottles of the real stuff? I mean, come on!

Anyway, I digress, back to the waffles.

So after adding the vanilla, I stirred it all up…

Hey where’d all my little helpers go?

Oh here they are!

Hmm I spy a little buddy sneaking waffle toppings!

Little stinkers!

Ok, so now that all of the batter was mixed up and ready to go, I realized that I missed an important step in the waffle making process. Since my new waffle iron is cast iron, I needed to season it. So I put my “big buddy” to work on it. He rubbed it down with some shortening…

Hi there buddy!

Hey it’s a messy job but somebody has to do it… and I’m glad it’s not me! heehee.
The directions that came with the pan said to then bake it in a hot oven for an hour and then let it cool before using it. Ugh… that’ll teach me for not reading the directions all the way through.

Ok, so change of plans… since we won’t be having waffles anytime soon, the hubs came to the rescue with some loaded baked potatoes. Yum!

Hubs to the rescue! πŸ™‚

Well somebody certainly looks excited!



So after a delicious lunch, and cleaning up of mess from said lunch, the waffle iron was ready to be used.

greasing the pan…


adding the batter


adding some chocolate chips


close the lid


oops! I must’ve added too much batter!


Time to flip!




Well this side looks perfect!


I’m so proud of my first waffle!


Ugh! Seriously? Not cool man! Well the other side is perfect anyway.


Alright, scrub it out and try again!

Ok, well to try and make a long story short, I tried again and again and again, greasing the pan thoroughly (both sides), every time, but to no avail. Ugh. Now I remember why I always go with french toast or pancakes instead of waffles. So anyway, I gave up on the waffle idea, and decided to use the batter to make pancakes instead.

The hubs however, decided he could do a better job than me at the waffle-making. Β He’s also a better multi-tasker than I am. I certainly can’t read a book and cook at the same time! πŸ˜‰

Look at my fella!

Hmm, so the hubs couldn’t get it to work either huh? Go figure! πŸ˜‰ Well at least he tried. πŸ˜‰

Meanwhile, look at this gorgeous stack of pancakes I made!

So if you want to attempt to make waffles (or pancakes) and would like to try out my recipe, here it is…

Belgian Waffles:
2 Cups Flour
2 Cups Buttermilk
3/4 Stick Butter, Melted
2 Eggs
2 Tbsp. Sugar
1/2 tsp. Salt
2 tsp. Baking Powder
1 tsp. Baking Soda

Whisk dry ingredients together (flour, salt, sugar, baking powder & baking soda). Add eggs, buttermilk and butter into dry ingredients and mix until blended. Cook as directed on waffle maker (or use batter for pancakes like I ended up doing).

If you want to add vanilla, (as I did) just add 1 tsp. of it, with the wet ingredients!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you choose to try my recipe…I’d love to hear about it!

Question: Does anyone out there know where we went wrong with the waffles? Β If you have any pointers, I’d love to hear them! πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful day!

~Jen πŸ™‚

PS If you dig my quirkiness, feel free to follow my blog. I promise I won’t bite!

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