Mango Meyer Lemonade Recipe


Before I share a great recipe for mango lemonade, I want to let you know about Door to Door Organics. Ever heard of them?

They are a company that partners with farmers to deliver fresh organic produce (and other great organic food!) right to your door.

And since eating healthy, and knowing where our food comes from, is very important to my family…we love Door to Door Organics!

In a recent delivery I happened to get a mango and a bag of meyer lemons (Not sure what a meyer lemon is? It’s a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange, making it sweeter than a regular lemon), and I used them to make mango lemonade.

Here’s what I did:

First, I pureed the mango in my trusty little food processor, along with the zest and juice of the meyer lemons.

skitch_iphoto.export.skitch 6

Second,  I made a simple syrup with about 4 cups of water and 3 cups of organic cane sugar.

Finally, I whisked together the simple syrup, the pureed mixture, and a handful of ice cubes…and that’s it!

NOTE: You can add more or less simple syrup depending upon how sweet or sour you like your lemonade : )

whisking lemonade

Fast whisking!

Here’s the recipe:

Mango Meyer Lemonade:


1 Mango

1 lb. bag of meyer lemons, zested and juiced

4 cups of water 

3 cups of sugar

handful of ice


Puree mango along with zest and juice of meyer lemons. Next make a simple syrup by bringing sugar and water to a boil, and then simmer until the sugar is dissolved, about 10 minutes. Whisk a handful of ice cubes into the simple syrup to cool it down before adding it to the mango puree. Whisk everything together and serve over ice.

mango meyer lemonade

quite refreshing!


Question: What is your favorite drink recipe? Or, how have you used meyer lemons?


Interested in another great recipe using meyer lemons? Check out this recipe for meyer lemon curd, via Kitchen Konfidence. I canned a bunch of this stuff for gifts last year and I can’t get enough of it.

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