Throwback Thursday – Beachwear Refashion

Before and after refashion pic

Before and After
Throwback Thursday Refashion

4-H Fashion Show 1991

Who’s that girl?

Can you say Throwback Thursday?

Yep, that’s  me at 12 years old, at my first 4-H fashion show…yep, fashion show.

I came upon this picture the other day while going through an old box of keepsakes.

Here’s an old pattern that looks like the one I might’ve used…

Butterick Pattern | Diary of a Madmama

Can you say stylish?

Now check out this similar frock I purchased for a mere .49 at my favorite local thrift store, Mel Trotter.

Throwback Thursday button down jumper

EEK!!! Looks like something Michelle Duggar would wear…well, I am a homeschool mom.

And since they are similar in style, I thought this would make a great Throwback Thursday refashion!

Let’s get down to business…

I actually had an idea of what I wanted to do with this, the moment I took it off the rack. It reminded me of a refashion I saw on the ReFashionista’s website.

I started out by chopping off the top part…

Refashion In Progress


This left an opening at the waist that needed to be stitched up…

Stitching Refashion


It’s now a somewhat less hideous button down flowery skirt.

But I still wasn’t about to leave the house wearing it that way.

So this is what I did…

I left the top button of the skirt buttoned up, but unbuttoned the 2nd, 3rd and 4th buttons.

Then I put the skirt on like a dress, using the unbuttoned part as a sleeve.

To finish off the look, I just threw on a belt, and voila!

Sexy Sundress

From MadMama to HotMama (at least that’s what the hubs said!)

I thought this might be a cute dress to wear over my swimsuit, on the way to the beach.

Ah…the beach…

This is what made me want to make something summer-y.

View Looking Out My Front Window | Diary of a MadMama

View Looking Out My Front Window

I don’t know how much longer I’ll have to wait to be able to wear it, but I’m guessing about 4 more months?

Let’s see what the groundhog has to say : )


Question: What hideous style do you think of on Throwback Thursday? Are you daring enough to share it below?

Bonus Question: If Calgon really could “take you away” today, where would you go?


7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Beachwear Refashion

  1. Nice job! You do really well with .49 finds. Maybe that could be a semi-regular feature: .49-Friday, or .49 Finds, or .49 Fun…Ok, I am just being silly, but the fabric is pretty and you made it usable.

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