Ugly Coat Refashion – Suggestions Wanted

I need your help!
I snagged this wool coat for 49-cents a few months ago, even though I wasn’t sure what exactly I had in mind for it.

What should this ugly green coat be refashioned into?

Kinda ugly

I thought the buttons alone would be worth the 49-cents…I mean, come on, new buttons are stinkin’ expensive, ya’ know?

The problem is, I still don’t really have a vision for it. I guess I could always just cut it up and make several projects out of it.

Like these…(which were also made out of cut up wool sweaters or blazers or coats)… Continue reading


49 Cent Friday: T-Shirt to Girl’s Dress Refashion

Happy Friday everyone!

For today’s 49 cent Friday refashion, I chose this hot pink t-shirt that fit me (other than the neck being too tight).

Here’s a pic’ of my daughter wearing the shirt…

49 Cent Friday: T-Shirt To Girl's Dress Refashion -

She doesn’t look too impressed.

I decided to turn this shirt into a dress.

I started by turning it inside out and putting it back on my daughter. Then I pinned it where it was going to be taken in… Continue reading

DIY Homemade Felt Coasters

I’ve noticed lately that my coasters are grungy and stained, and really need to be tossed out.

So I decided to replace them with a homemade set, made from felt.

Luckily for me, I have a ginormous stash of felted wool sweaters and blazers to choose from. I’ve made a lot of hats, scarves, mittens and purses out of felted wool, which leaves me with a lot of wool scraps (perfect for this project!).

I started out with these wool blazer scraps that I cut into 4″ circles…

DIY Felt Coasters -

Felt circles

I stacked 3 of the 4″ circles and stitched them together using a blanket stitch. Continue reading

49 Cent Friday: T-Shirt to Fringe Scarf Refashion

Happy Friday everyone!

For today’s refashion I started out with this very thin, oversized,  long-sleeved t-shirt.

Long Sleeved Shirt | Diary of a MadMama


I thought it wasn’t that bad for 49-cents…it’ s just too big and the material is thin…until I saw this! Continue reading

Oh My Aching Back: Heating Pad Denim Refashion

I’ve been suffering from a sore neck and shoulder for several days. It occurred to me that my purse just might be the cause.

Heavy Purse | Diary of a Madmama

This thing weighs a ton!

So I weighed my purse, and guess what… it weighs a whopping 10 pounds!

No wonder my shoulder’s been killing me!

Luckily for me, I found a solution for my aching back in the book Continue reading

49 Cent Friday: No-Sew Skirt to Shirt Refashion

Welcome to the first post in my new weekly series, 49 Cent Friday Refashions, where I take 49-cent thrift store finds and refashion them into something new and wearable.

Today, I thought I’d  start out with a simple, no-sew refashion, as I wasn’t feeling very well.

I started out with this skirt that I scored for a mere .49, (hence the title of this post) from my favorite local thrift store Mel Trotter

Silk Skirt


The thing with this skirt is, I actually liked it as a skirt, but I don’t wear skirts all that often. So I thought I’d better do a refashion that would still allow me to wear it as a skirt, if the mood ever hit me. Continue reading

Sock It To Me – Quick and Easy Refashion

Is there anything worse than having cold feet?

I constantly have cold feet (especially in the winter months).

My poor fella can attest. I constantly wake him up at night when my icy-cold paws bump up against him.

So I thought, what better refashion to make than a pair of cozy  socks.

I started rummaging through my ginormous clothes-to-refashion pile and came upon this…

Sweater leftovers

Sweater leftovers

It’s the remainder of a sweater that I previously used for a different refashion. Continue reading