All Natural, Homemade, Banana & Honey Facial

After tonight’s workout…I was a sweaty mess.

Ever heard of P90X?

It stands for Power 90 Extreme.

It’s an intense, 90-day home exercise routine.

The hubs and I have done it before, and we lived through it.

When we were finished with the 90 days we thought “now what are we going to do?”

So we decided to do it again.

By now you’re probably wondering, “what the heck does that have to do with facials?”

Well, let me tell ya’

Post P90X Sweaty Workout

Sweaty Betty

I know the photo doesn’t show it, but trust me, I was feeling kinda gross.

So I thought before I jumped in the shower, a facial might do me some good.

I’ve never made a homemade facial before, but I’ve seen oodles of recipes for them on Pinterest.

I wanted to find one that was quick and easy, and used natural ingredients I already had on hand.

I found a super easy recipe via DIY Beauty tips‘ blog.

It used only 2 ingredients, a banana and some honey.



First thing to do is mash-up the banana with a tsp. of honey.

Banana and Honey

Mashy mashy

Until it gets to this consistency…

mashed honey and banan

Kinda looks like baby food

Pretty easy huh? It smells pretty good too.
The only thing left to do is to smear it all over your face, rub it in really good, let it sit awhile and then wash it off. I’d recommend doing this before showering. Trust me, it’s hard to get banana out of hair.



I know, I’m really taking playing with my food to a whole new level huh?

Why does this facial work well? Because bananas are considered an anti-aging agent rich in Vitamins A, B & E. Together the banana and honey have a firming and moisturizing effect and work great to lightly exfoliate your skin as well.

It’s wonderful for sensitive skin (like mine). 😉



What are your favorite homemade beauty products? Feel free to share or link them up in the comments section below.

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