Sock It To Me – Quick and Easy Refashion

Is there anything worse than having cold feet?

I constantly have cold feet (especially in the winter months).

My poor fella can attest. I constantly wake him up at night when my icy-cold paws bump up against him.

So I thought, what better refashion to make than a pair of cozy  socks.

I started rummaging through my ginormous clothes-to-refashion pile and came upon this…

Sweater leftovers

Sweater leftovers

It’s the remainder of a sweater that I previously used for a different refashion.

I chopped off the sleeves…

Chop off the sleeves

Chop & Chop

Then I turned those sleeves inside out and stitched them up…

stitching socks from a sweater | Diary of a MadMama

Just stitch it up, super easy!

And that’s it! Just chop and stitch.

Now my tootsies are warm and comfy…

Socks refashioned from the sleeves of an old sweater | Diary of a MadMama

Look, pink socks! 🙂

Check out this take on a sweater-to-boot-socks refashion via TickleBugz.



2 thoughts on “Sock It To Me – Quick and Easy Refashion

  1. Does the seam ever bother you? I really like this idea, but am a little afraid that the seam would make me not want to walk around in them.

    • Hi Jessie.
      The original sweater was a cotton/spandex/nylon blend, so the material is really soft and stretchy, and formed to my feet. I also cut the sleeve on an angle instead of straight across, to mimic the angle of my toes. I think that helped with the seam staying in place. Also, because the fabric is so soft and I didn’t leave a large seam allowance, the seam doesn’t bother me at all. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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