49 Cent Friday: American Girl Doll Refashion

It’s finally Friday! Woohoo!

For today’s 49-cent Friday refashion, I started out with this top I purchased a while ago.

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Aeropostale cable-knit sweater

Not too bad…other than being a bit snug and not quite as long as I would prefer.

While trying to decide what to refashion this into, my daughter informed me that she wanted more clothes for her American Girl Doll.

My thought was, “I’d rather not spend more on clothes for your doll than I’m willing to spend on clothes for myself” (But I just kept those thoughts to myself).

So I decided to refashion an outfit for her doll, using the aforementioned sweater.

First, I slid the sleeve up to the doll’s waist, like so.

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Cuff-side up!

I cut a little notch where I wanted the length of the skirt to be (adjusting for the seam allowance).

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Like so.

After taking the sleeve off the doll, I finished cutting from the notch.

49-Cent Friday Refashion


Then I folded the raw edge under and under again and pinned it all around!

49-Cent Friday Refashion


All that’s left to do is sew.

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Stitch that skirt!

Well, what do you think?

49-Cent Friday Refashion

A cute little sweater-skirt.

I didn’t want to end the refashion here, having only used part of one sleeve of the sweater. So I decided to make a pair of tights to go with the doll’s skirt.

I once again pulled the sleeve up to the doll’s waist (cuff side up).

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Look at all that pink!

The next thing to do was pin between the legs to show where I needed to sew.

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Here’s a closer look.

Before I took the sleeve off of the doll, I snipped off the sleeve where the bottom (feet) of the tights were going to be.

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Snippety snip!

Now here comes where I had a bit of a misstep.

(If you were paying close attention to the above pictures, you may have already caught my mistake.)

I should’ve turned the sleeve inside out before doing all of my pinning. Oops! But, unfortunately, I didn’t catch my mistake until sewing the little area below the crotch.

49-Cent Friday Refashion


Well, the only thing to do is pull out my trusty little seam ripper and get to ripping!

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Mistake be gone!

Now that I fixed my mistake, I sewed the crotch area again…this time with the sleeve turned inside out.

Then I sewed the inside seams of what will be the legs of the tights.

49-Cent Friday Refashion


Then I sewed the toe seams.

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Toe seams stitched.

Yay! Almost done! All that’s left to do is separate those legs (Oh, that didn’t sound right did it? Sorry!). 😉

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Separating (with scissors, mind you).

Hey, pretty snazzy huh?

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Pretty in pink.

Now at this point, I realized that I still had only used about half of the sleeves, and still had this much of the sweater left…

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Lots of leftover sweater!

I didn’t want you guys to feel jipped from this weeks’ refashion, so I thought I’d make my daughter a matching skirt to go along with her doll’s new attire.

I started by turning the sweater inside-out and pulling it on my daughter. I then pinned it where I would be taking it in.

49-Cent Friday Refashion


Then I carefully removed the shirt.

In the process of removing it, I accidentally poked my child. :/ (I guess I should’ve taken my own advice, and used safety pins, as I did in this post).

Anyway, I thought that after stitching the side seams, I would need to make a casing for the elastic waist-band. But after taking in the sides, and trimming off the sleeves, I realized it fit perfectly without the extra work. And since the new waist was the old neck of the sweater, it was already finished. Rock on!

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Look, matching outfits!

So for 49-cents I was able to make my daughter a skirt, her doll a matching skirt, and a pair of tights (plus with the remaining partial sleeves, I’ll be able to make 2 more pair of tights for her other dolls).

Pretty good considering most of the American Girl matching outfits you can purchase for your girl and her doll cost a whopping $70 on average (and that’s being conservative).

Do any of you know of any little girls who are as fanatical about American Girl as my little girl?

Do you have a fantastic refashion that you’ve done, or seen on Pinterest perhaps?

I’d love to hear more! 🙂


P.S. Any who read my previous post, regarding the Ugly Coat Refashion, I want to let you know that once I figure out exactly how I plan to refashion it, I will start posting and let you see how it goes. I’ve got to be honest and let you know that I’m a little intimidated. I’ve never refashioned a coat before (especially such a big, thick, heavy thing like that). But win, lose, or draw, I’ll show you how it goes. And there’s a good chance it will be done in several posts! So hang in there with me, and I’m always open to your comments/advice/ideas! I really appreciate all of you who commented on the post and the MadMama Facebook page, with your awesome ideas on how you think it should be refashioned! 🙂 You guys rock!

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50 thoughts on “49 Cent Friday: American Girl Doll Refashion

    • Thank you!
      My mom used to make me barbie clothes as well!
      I live near Grand Rapids, Michigan. There are 3 different Mel Trotter Thrift stores in my area. Mel Trotter was a man who lived in Grand Rapids in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He was an alcoholic who changed his life after becoming a Christian and ended up starting a homeless shelter in Grand Rapids in 1900. The thrift stores use the profits for the homeless shelter and to provide meals and lots of other help for homeless people in the area. His is a really cool story. Here’s a link if you’re interested in reading more. http://www.meltrotter.org/history
      As far as the 49-cent items… the thrift store color codes all of their price tags in several different colors, and each week a different color is on sale for 50% off (they also do other colors on sale for 30% off and 20%off) Well on Monday, whatever color was on sale for 50% off the previous week is 49-cents (Monday only). My son has karate class right across the street from one of the thrift stores on Mondays, so while he’s in class I am usually across the street scouring the racks for whatever color tag is on sale for 49-cents! I love this thrift store, because it’s very easy for me to find something worthy of a refashion. (I’ve also found a lot of things that are fine as is). Honestly, I’ve had to take a few weeks off from shopping because my refashion pile is so big, it will take me a while to get through it! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments!

      • I also live in Grand Rapids, MI. I purchased a used american girl doll for my daughter and we are just starting to repurpose items to make clothes. We used an old scarf to make a headband, mittens and a sleeveless parka. I love your ideas above. Do you have other repurposing ideas on your sight. I have three bags full of kids clothes that are stained, that I would like to repurpose.

    • Yes! I recently learned how the textile industry creates more waste than any other, so it makes refashioning even more enjoyable, knowing that you’re saving something from the landfill! 🙂

    • Thank you. They were actually a lot easier than I expected! My mom recently made my daughter a leotard and ballet skirt for her doll from a pattern. She was so frustrated with it the whole time because the material was very slippery and her tension kept messing up. This was definitely easier than the leotard! (and cheaper too!) 😉

  1. Well done with the matching outfits, that really fits in with the American Girl thing. When I was younger, there were only a few of the girls created and I loved the Molly books. My little sister ended up getting a Samantha doll at some point and was thrilled when her doll’s special occasion dress matched the one she had.

    • That’s so cool. I didn’t know American Girl dolls existed until my daughter found a catalogue in the mailbox and she’s been obsessed ever since. Other than the priciness of them, I love that they have such great stories that go along with them. I loved the Molly and Samantha stories (and movies). Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. Oh my! These are so darn cute! You are so clever!
    I have recently started making AG doll clothes for my nieces and my Granddaughters and this idea is just awesome!
    I found you through the Diana Rambles: Pin Me Link Party and have pinned this to my American Girl Dolls Board on Pinterest.
    Thank-you for the inspiration!
    Lisa H.

    • Thank you for such lovely comments Lisa, and for finding my post pin worthy! I’d love to see some of the cute doll clothes you’ve made for your nieces and granddaughters! Feel free to share a link here if you’d like! Take care!

  3. I love this! We have a little friend who is into American Girl, and I just happen to have a sweater like this hanging around…thanks for the idea!!
    Thanks for linking up to our Crafty Thursday Obsessions party, hope to see you back this week 🙂

  4. This is such a cute project!! Thanks for linking up at Sweet Treats & Swanky stuff last weekend, I am going to feature your link tomorrow so stop by for a visit! Thanks.

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