First Ever Refashion Runway Competition!

Hi everyone!
Just a short post today to announce that I’ve been chosen as one of  8 competitors in the very first ever Refashion Runway Competition, hosted by my friend Beth, THE Renegade Seamstress herself.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have been chosen to compete with such an amazing and incredibly talented group of ladies!

Here’s a list of the themes I’ll be working on each week:

Week One: Stripes

Week Two: Denim

Week Three: Copy Cat from a magazine, catalog or celebrity

Week Four: Summer Dress

The first week’s refashion (Stripes), will air on Beth’s blog this Saturday (June 8th), and you will be able to cast your vote that day for your favorite refashion!

If any of you would like to participate, you can sew along with us and submit your before and after pics, which will also be posted on the Refashion Runway! The first submission is this Friday… so get busy! 😉

I am so excited to get to know all of my fellow competitors and see the creativity everyone has to offer! 🙂

Have a great week and wish me luck! 😉


24 thoughts on “First Ever Refashion Runway Competition!

  1. So much fun! Not at all surprised you made the cut … your refashions are awesome. Am I the only one really nervous about this first week? Eek! You’ll rock it, I’m sure 🙂

  2. Phew, we can all be a little scared together! I think it’s worse knowing someone is being voted off soon. Oh the pressure! I took photos of the finished product today. How are you guys getting on?

    • I just finished mine today too! Although the after pics were taken after the sun went down outside, so they were just a tad too dark. I’ll be retaking the photos again tomorrow! I can’t wait to see what everyone else came up with!

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