49-Cent Friday: Men’s Dress Shirt to LBD Refashion

Hello everyone! Are you enjoying the summer heat?

For this week’s 49-cent Friday post I thought I would do a men’s dress shirt refashion.

My husband lost a lot of weight last year, and I wound up with all of his too-big dress shirts (Lucky me!).

And so I decided to refashion this plain black one into a little black dress.

Men's Dress Shirt to Little Black Dress Refashion | Diary of a MadMama


I wasn’t quite sure where to begin with this monstrosity… Continue reading

49-Cent Friday: Scraptastic Braided Headband Refashion

Howdy Folks!

For this week’s refashion I thought about doing something patriotic! (And quick because I’m sure most of us would rather be at the beach, am I right?)

I wanted to use up some scraps along with some old duds that I already had. (I kinda feel like I’m cheating because only one of the items in this refashion cost 49-cents, the rest I already had, but oh well!)

So to start, I grabbed these shirts…

Braided Headband Tutorial | Diary of a MadMama

Pretty patriotic ‘eh?

Each of these had a problem of some sort… Continue reading