Me-Made-May ’14 – Day Two

Today’s Me-Made outfit is comprised of jeans that I “skinnified,” and the very first infinity scarf I ever made.


Me Made May '14|Day Two |Diary of a MadMama

Yep, still moving… :/

Me Made May '14|Day Two |Diary of a MadMama

“Oy, this box is HEAVY!”

Me Made May '14|Day Two |Diary of a MadMama

Just kidding! 😉

These jeans have a lot of stretch to them (which is good, ’cause apparently I’ve put on a little weight since they were first refashioned!).  Still, they’re very comfy, and I’ve actually gotten a lot of wear out of them.

My sweet husband was kind enough to bring this outfit (and tomorrow’s) down with him for the weekend, since I didn’t have any other Me-Made items with me.  Isn’t he swell?

Tomorrow, I will be wearing an outfit for only the second time since it was created. That’s what I like about this challenge, it forces you to actually wear the things you make, and helps you see what new things you might need to make. I’m hoping to get some inspiration for new ideas of things to refashion to add to my wardrobe this year from this awesome little challenge.

What is your favorite thing to wear that you made? Share a comment below. I’d love to hear about it!




6 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’14 – Day Two

  1. You’re looking good in your colorful moving togs! For an item to make it into heavy rotation it has to be comfortable, flattering, and fit into my lifestyle/wardrobe. I have worn my rayon sleeveless top the most because it fits the bill.

  2. Cute outfit, it all goes together so well! Corral is one of my favorite colors, I’m crushing on those pants. 🙂 To date, one of my favorite refashions has been a pair of jeans/skirt combined to make a maxi skirt. It is so flowing and comfortable.

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