Me-Made-May ’14 – Day Three

Me Made May '14|Day Three |Diary of a MadMama


Today was my daughter’s first ever dance competition.
She had a lot of fun, her group got gold, and they placed second in their division! Not bad for a first competition, eh?

Check out her cute costume:

Me Made May '14|Day Three |Diary of a MadMama

Other than briefly fainting while getting her hair done this morning, it was a fantastic day! :/

For today’s Me-Made-May outfit, I chose the above skirt, refashioned from another wool skirt, and several wool sweaters and blazers…

Me-Made-May '14 |Day Three|Diary of a MadMama

The skirt’s humble beginnings.

As I mentioned yesterday, today was only the second time I’ve ever worn this skirt.
I think the reason why, is that I lack the shirts that look good with it! Perhaps I’ll have to remedy that situation once I have access to my sewing machine.




6 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’14 – Day Three

  1. Oh my goodness – you look so much like my stepson’s new wife! She’s definitely a keeper. The outfit is so cute on your daughter, and I love your skirt!

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