Me-Made-May ’14 – Day Four

After a three hour drive, my family and I finally made it home. Although the kids and I will only be up here until Tuesday (just enough time to unpack, do laundry and pack again), we are thrilled to be home!

Me Made May '14|Day Four |Diary of a MadMama #MMMay14



We decided to walk to the beach after we unpacked our vehicles, to relax and unwind from our long day/weekend/week/month…well year. Β Ha, just kidding.


Me Made May '14|Day Four |Diary of a MadMama #MMMay14


For today’s Me-Made outfit, I chose to wear one of my favorite and most comfortable dresses. Β This was my first refashion for the Refashion Runway (season one).


Me Made May '14|Day Four |Diary of a MadMama #MMMay14


This dress has gotten lots of wear since it’s creation, and I plan on refashioning a lot more maxi skirts and dresses to wear this summer.


Me Made May '14|Day Four |Diary of a MadMama #MMMay14


I love having something kinda dressy to wear that’s actually comfortable.

What’s your favorite spring/summer thing to wear?




9 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’14 – Day Four

    • Thanks Beth! πŸ™‚
      You were the inspiration behind this dress. If it wasn’t for the “stripes” challenge I probably wouldn’t have thought it up!
      I’ve been behind on my blog-reading for quite some time (with the moving) and I just finished getting up to date with reading your blog.
      You are such an inspiration! I’m really looking forward to your upcoming post on what to do with bias tape. I can’t wait to get inspired! πŸ™‚

  1. I recognized that dress, too! Loved it then and love it now. It’s pretty and really looks comfy. Great photos!

  2. Cute. πŸ™‚ I still have to get my butt around to making one of these! Sadly, I haven’t sewn anything (except mending, which doesn’t count) this whole year! I’m curious, do you get comments when you wear this dress out? You totally should, it is so fun and comfortable looking.

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