Me-Made-May ’14 – Day Five

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

For this fifth day of May, I decided to wear a shirt that I created out of necessity from three men’s dress shirts. At the time of it’s creation, we were having near 90-degree weather and I didn’t have many cool, sleeveless tops to wear. Currently, I would LOVE to have some similar weather (especially since I can now walk to the beach if I need to cool off).

Today in my neck of the woods, it was 48-degrees and partly cloudy. Not quite beach weather, but not too shabby either. We (the kids and I) decided to take a break from unpacking for a bit and go for a bike ride (much more weather-appropriate).

Me-Made-May '14 | Day Five | Diary of a MadMama #MMMay14

We’re lucky enough to have an awesome bike trail super close by.

Me-Made-May '14 | Day Five | Diary of a MadMama #MMMay14

My eldest son is my photographer. Isn’t he great?

He was enjoying the scenery…

Me-Made-May '14 | Day Five | Diary of a MadMama #MMMay14

Me-Made-May '14 | Day Five | Diary of a MadMama #MMMay14

Hope you had a fantastic day!

Did you celebrate today with Mexican food for dinner like we did?




3 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’14 – Day Five

    • Thanks Sharon! These shirts were all originally my husband’s and his favorite color is blue, so most of the clothes in his closet are blue! I thought these ones would go together nicely! I still have the scraps packed up somewhere. I’ll have to think up something cool to do with them… maybe an American Girl doll dress of some sort?

  1. How great to have a bike trail so close – no worries about traffic! The shirt is genius. And I like that you’re finding ways to wear warm-weather pieces in cool weather by layering. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally to me, although I am improving a bit since starting to read refashion and fashion blogs; always glad to have more inspiration, though.

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