Me-Made-May ’14 – Day Fourteen

This T-shirt dress was actually the very first refashion for my daughter that I ever blogged about.
She’s had a bit of a growth spurt in the little over a year since it’s creation, so today she decided to wear it as a tunic.

Me-Made-May '14 | Day Fourteen | Diary of a MadMama #MMMay14

I’m thinking I’ll need to refashion it again sooner or later as she continues to grow.



Here’s the original:

Me-Made-May '14 | Day Fourteen | Diary of a MadMama #MMMay14

I love doing projects for my kids, but I do tend to feel a little guilty at times that my boys don’t get as much as my daughter.

Is it just me, or do you also find it easier to make things for girls than for boys?




8 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’14 – Day Fourteen

  1. I find it easier to make for girls – and I had boys! They just were never very interested in “Mom-made” stuff after they got old enough to voice an opinion, so I do the rent-a-kid thing and make stuff for other people’s daughters. 🙂

    • Ha! “Rent-a-kid”, that’s hilarious!
      My eldest son (he’s almost 15) seems to care less about me doing any refashions or sewing projects for him (although he cherishes the denim quilt I made him). My youngest son (who’s nine) keeps hinting that I need to make him some stuff, although he’s not all that interested in clothes. :/

  2. There are definitely more possibilities for making clothes for girls than boys. Actually, there is even more choice when buying clothes for girls than for boys. I wonder why that is?

    • I think maybe it’s because girls have a lot more they can wear (skirts, dresses, pants etc.) whereas boys pretty much only wear pants! Ha!
      I found when I was pregnant with my first that the baby clothes for girls were more expensive too. There was a rack of onesies for girls and another rack right next to it with the boy versions, same sizes just different colors, and the girl’s were all $1.00 more! Crazy!

      • That is mad, but it extends to products for grownups too – razors for women (ie pink ones) are significantly more expensive than the exact same razor for men (only difference is the colour).

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