49-Cent Friday: Scrappy Skirt Refashion

For this week’s refashion, I wanted to make something springy…something I could wear for Easter.

I started out with several leftovers. Each had been purchased a while ago (before I started the blog).

Altogether I had a skirt, 2 blazers, and 2 sweaters. All are made from wool, and each had been used previously in a different refashion.

49-Cent Friday: Scrappy Skirt Refashion | Diary of a MadMama

Refashion leftovers

I love how brightly colored everything is and how they all match the skirt! Continue reading

Birthday Quilt – Denim Refashion

Hey there everybody!

I’ve been really busy the last few days.

My youngest child turned 8 on Tuesday!

I wanted to make him something super special for his birthday, but wasn’t sure what it should be.

While eating lunch with my kids a week ago, my little guy mentioned that he wanted a quilt like the Christmas present I made my oldest son (for a reminder check out the “Oh My Aching Back: Denim Refashion” post that I pictured it in).

I knew how much work this gift would be (as I’ve already made two of them), but I was up for the challenge!

There were plenty of old jeans and jean scraps to make up the front of the quilt, but I wasn’t sure what I would use for the backing or  batting.

For the first two quilts, I used a sheet for the backing, and purchased cotton batting, but I didn’t have any more sheets that needed to be refashioned, and I didn’t feel like going to the store to buy batting. Continue reading

49 Cent Friday: Sweater Refashion

I was excited to find this warm sweater for my daughter back in the fall for 49-cents…

Sweater refashion | Diary of a MadMama


The problem was, she never wore it.

Today, while sorting through my pile of clothes to refashion, I found it, mysteriously mixed in.

When I asked my daughter about it she made it clear that she didn’t really like it. The sleeves are too long, the neck opening is too big (yadda yadda).

Rather than let a perfectly fine sweater go to waste, I decided to use it for today’s 49-cent Friday refashion! Continue reading

Necktie Refashion: DIY Tie Necklace & Flower Pin

Do any of you refashionistas out there ever wonder what to do with the leftovers from your refashions?

Do they end up cluttering your craft room and driving you crazy?

Well I know that’s true for me, but today I decided to do something about it!

For my daughter’s last birthday I made her this adorable necktie skirt out of a bunch of my husband’s ties that he no longer wore, plus some that I thrifted…

Necktie Skirt | Diary of a MadMama

Necktie Skirt

I loved the way she looked in it so much, that I decided to make her a tie skirt for Christmas (using Christmas ties)… Continue reading

49 Cent Friday: Maternity Shirt Refashion

With St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaching, I thought this green striped top would make a great refashion…

49 Cent Friday: Maternity Shirt Refashion | Diary of a MadMama

Does this look familiar?

This is an Old Navy maternity shirt I scored for 49-cents!

Actually, when I bought it I didn’t notice that it was a maternity shirt. Continue reading

Long-Sleeved Top to Little Boy Pajama Pants Refashion

Today I was looking for some inspiration on what to do for my next refashion post.

I realized I’ve already made several things for my daughter. (See 49-Cent Friday: American Girl Doll Refashion, and 49-Cent Friday: T-Shirt to Girl’s Dress Refashion.) Meanwhile, my poor sons have been left out. 😦

The thing is, it’s a lot easier for me to come up with cute girly refashions than boyish ones. So I thought, “hmm, who should I start with, the younger son or the older?” Then I remembered that my little guy was starting to grow out of all of his pajama pants. (Seriously, it’s starting to look like he’s expecting a flood.)

So I decided to make him a brand spanking new pair of jammie pants.

After searching through my massive to-be-refashioned pile of clothes, I found this…

Shirt to pajama pants refashion . Diary of a MadMama


This is a shirt of mine that’s all stretched out and look… Continue reading


This is so cool! A map that connects sewists/crafters everywhere! I just added my pin, but am bummed to find that there are only 4 (counting me) peeps from MI! Hopefully more find out about this and add theirs soon! 🙂

b l a c k l a b e l


Another Sewing Scientist has birthed this amazing map connecting all crafters around the world. Is she genius or what ??

So please spread the word, pin yourself & hopefully { JUST HOPEFULLY } you are able to connect with fellow sewintists in your area. Her blog post here, will give you instructions on how to add yourself. Feel free to add yourself more than once if you divide your time between cities/countries etc.

Go forth & spread the { LOVE }. I look forward to connecting with you all far & wide x

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49-Cent Friday: Ugly Coat Refashion: Part Two

Is it really Friday again?

Wow, this week went by fast.

For today’s 49-Cent Friday Refashion, I decided to finish my ugly coat (at least it used to be).

Need a reminder? Take another look at the before pic.

What should this ugly green coat be refashioned into?

Kinda ugly

Where did we last leave off?

Oh yes, I had finished sewing the bottom ruffle along the waist. Continue reading

Ugly Coat Refashion: Part One

Well, here it is folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

I finally got the nerve to make the first chop on the ugly coat refashion I’ve been telling you about.

You guys gave me a ton of great ideas on how to refashion the coat, and to be honest, some of the ideas intimidated me a bit.

I was like, “I don’t know if I can do it!,” but I’m glad you have so much confidence in me!

Although it’s not finished yet, I got quite a bit accomplished today, and I’d like to share my progress with you!

The first thing that desperately needed to be done…was removing those hideous buttons!


pick pick pick

Whew! That’s better! Continue reading

49 Cent Friday: American Girl Doll Refashion

It’s finally Friday! Woohoo!

For today’s 49-cent Friday refashion, I started out with this top I purchased a while ago.

49-Cent Friday Refashion

Aeropostale cable-knit sweater

Not too bad…other than being a bit snug and not quite as long as I would prefer.

While trying to decide what to refashion this into, my daughter informed me that she wanted more clothes for her American Girl Doll. Continue reading